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Process Executive – AML/KYC 3 years - 6 years
Quinte Gurugram, Haryana India
Rs. 400000
• Performing the due diligence on new members, review and verification of received documentation and making an analytical risk assessment for new members
• Perform and document all assigned compliance testing processes
• Investigate and measure the risks of money laundering activity
• Prepare accurate and complete Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) as required by BSA Compliance Regulations
• Detailed review of all transactions to analyze and file Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR)
• Stay updated with BSA compliance regulations
• Maintain monetary instruments and funds transfer reports
• Organize and analyze complex data sets
• Reporting accounts with high risk or missing documentation
• Reviewing customer accounts for instances of suspicious financial transactions
• Resolve queued applications within the service level agreements
• Identify fraudulent applications and cancel them from further processing.
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V&A trainer 3 years - 6 years
Quinte Gurugram, Haryana India
Rs. 700000
➢ Evaluate employee performance to gauge where skills are lacking.
➢ Create training programs to address skill gaps in employees.
➢ Prepare learning materials for programs. Develop / orchestrate onboarding programs for new employees.
➢ Prepare assessment materials for all programs, responsible for V&A SOP - management
➢ Responsible for training new employees and supporting experienced employees to improve their performance.
➢ Duties include creating educational material, conducting training sessions, identifying skills gaps, and ensuring New Hire members stay motivated
➢ The objective of the trainer is to improve the speech and diction of the trainees and help them develop a 'global, neutral accent'
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Content Writer Any experience
Quinte Gurugram, Haryana India
Rs. 600000
• Writing content for websites, SEO, social media, whitepapers, brochures, high-level presentations, infographics, and other content as desired
• Content development for newsletters, Press Releases (PR), blogs & external communication
• Researching trends, news, and social media content for strategic use in content development
• Working on multiple projects for content writing & rephrasing of content including articles, blogs, etc.
• Conducting secondary research to find fraud statistics and emerging trends and developments in the banking and financial service industry
• Working on presentations to showcase Quinte capabilities and service offerings
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Apply Before : Tue Mar 28, 2023